Engineered for reliability, optimized for performance, and built for easy maintenance, Samsung 2.xMW class turbines have a future that's as unlimited as the wind that powers them.


1. Pitch System
Continuously optimizes the angle of each individual blade to maximize power generation with electric drives. Significantly reduces blade root and shaft fatigue loads over collective pitch control systems.

2. Blades
Delivers quieter, class-leading aerodynamic performance with pre-bending and low-noise tip designs. Meets the highest IEC standards for lightning protection, with multiple receptors.

3. Drive Train
Rigidly supports the main shaft with two high-performance bearings in a single housing. Minimizes external load transfer to gearbox with double-tapered and cylindrical roller bearings.

4. Auto Lubrication System
Reduces maintenance time and frequency, ensuring that all vital components are properly lubricated. Covers main bearings, pitch and yaw bearings and drives, and generator bearings.

Consists of three gear stages–one planetary and two helical. Mounted with a hydraulic mounting system to effectively dampen vibration. Equipped with a torque limiter on the high-speed shaft to prevent damage from extremely high loads caused by grid failure.

6. Yaw System
Maximizes power production with four intelligently controlled hightorque inverter-driven electric drives. Minimizes backlash at the start of rotation with an external hydraulic caliper brake.

7. Generator
Features a permanent magnet design that delivers greater efficiency at low wind speeds than induction generators. Requires virtually no maintenance with a simpler, brushless design.

8. Converter
Easily adjusted to meet any grid-connection requirement. Uses superior harmonic filtering for lower total voltage harmonic distortion. Features advanced zero-voltage ride-through capability to maintain grid connection during disturbances.

Designed for a 25-year service life

Samsung Wind Turbine components are designed for a 25-year service life and matched to provide best-in-class performance, reliability and ease of maintenance.


Experimental validation
Samsung 2.x MW wind turbines are designed, analyzed, and GL-validated to set a new standard for reliability and durability with a 25-year design life.

Drive train
We put our 2.5 MW wind turbine through comprehensive dynamometer testing at the U.S, National Wind Technology Center in Boulder, Colorado, to test power performance and quality, verify safety logic, and validate mechanical functionality and structural stability in different wind conditions.

We validated gearbox design life with HALT testing under GL observation. We also measured gearbox efficiency of well over 97% at rated torque through functional testing on a back-to-back test rig.

To ensure the highest reliability,
Samsung wind turbines are tested exhaustively during the development stage.


Pitch and torque control
Our advanced control system couples control of blade pitch and generator torque for optimal generating performance in all wind conditions. Below the rated wind speed, the system controls generator torque to maintain maximum power. Beyond the rated wind speed, it optimizes loads to maintain the generator at its rated power.

Monitoring and feedback control Our advanced control system incorporates a number of monitoring and feedback control features to increase availability. These include drive train monitoring as well as tower vibration feedback control, which adjusts blade pitch to dampen excessive vibration.


Condition monitoring system
Our advanced system continuously monitors vital drive train components in 13 locations, analyzing data with a signal conditioning system driven by the industry’s most extensive database. The system alerts the operator of abnormal operating conditions, allowing major issues to be proactively addressed to avoid more costly repairs down the line.

Auto lubrication system (ALS)
This system lubricates all major moving components–the main bearings, pitch bearings and drives, yaw bearing and drive, and generator bearings–at appropriate intervals for enhanced durability as well as significantly reduced maintenance time and frequency


Certification by Germanischer Lloyd
Samsung’s first wind turbine was GL-certified in an unprecedented time of only 8 months. The fastest any turbine manufacturer was awarded the certification, it confirms Samsung’s design expertise and manufacturing ability.

Service and support
We are committed to providing 24/7 customer service with realtime remote monitoring and troubleshooting through our division headquarters in Korea and service centers in Houston and a growing number of other global markets. We offer annual onsite diagnostic services for the lifetime of our turbines. Our parts supply chain is prepared to provide service parts anytime, anywhere. We are also setting up training centers in major markets to provide courses to client operating staff and O&M technicians.

Competitive warranty
Backed by a global reputation for excellent quality and customer service, each Samsung wind turbine comes with a warranty that exceeds the industry average.

Quality management
Backed by ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities, we have established the Samsung Wind Turbine Quality Standard (SWQS) to ensure customer satisfaction and guide us forward to GL-type certification. Our turbines are built with quality-tested components subject to the Samsung Q-mark certification system. All tolerances and alignments of assemblies are strictly controlled through a realtime digital monitoring system (RTDMS). As in each of our other businesses, we are committed to delivering defect-free products.

HSE management
Risk management is a key element of our health, safety, and environment policy. We proactively identify hazards, assess risks, and implement necessary control measures. Our HSE management system satisfies all ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements.

Samsung is committed to keeping our customers standing tall even through even the strongest wind.


Wind is an abundant source of free power that can be economically tapped in most regions of the world. Our wind turbine family includes models designed for optimal generation performance in all wind conditions and regimes. samsung’s onshore wind energy solutions cover IEC class Ib up to IIIa sites.


Samsung Onshore Wind Energy Solutions

Future Onshore Wind Energy Solutions


At Samsung, we know the ocean. With decades of experience as a major force in the construction of offshore facilities such as oil and gas production systems and drilling platforms, we are now in the process of developing turnkey offshore wind farm solutions. In addition to advanced offshore turbines, these solutions will include the installation of a state-of-the-art management and control system, offshore substation, and subsea cabling to connect the farm to the grid, ensuring the highest level of wind farm reliability, integration, and performance.

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